What Awning Do I Need?

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November 14, 2019

‘Am I better off with a driveaway or a windout awning’, this is a question we get asked a lot when people are buying their first campervan. The answer to this question depends on how you use your campervan and what is important to you. Like everything in life, both types of awning have their pros and their cons. In this instalment of the Jobl Design Blog I will go through the details of both types so you can make the right choice.

The inflatable driveaway awning has become almost standard issue for most campervans as they are easy to put up and give you some extra floor space when camping. The big plus point for a driveaway (inflatable or poled) is in the name, driveaway. When you head off into the wilds camping with all your gear, you get to site and put up the awning. When you decide your have had enough of sitting in the sun on the camp site and want to head off out to explore, you can empty all the stuff you don’t need into the awning. This is especially useful if you are camping with a young family. The downside is wherever you go you will not have your awning with you. To use one of these awnings you will also need a Jobl Design Multi Rail, this allows for the awning to be attached to the side of the campervan and are specifically designed to fit on all VW T5/T5.1/T6/T6.1 camper vans.

With a windout awning you get the converse situation. When you are on site you have cover and if you buy the optional extra side/front panels, a fully enclosed extra room on the side of your van just like with a driveaway. But when you head off on your daily adventures you will need to pack down the windout awning and take all your kit with you in the campervan. The upside to this situation is that wherever you go to, you will have any awning with you on the side of the van.

In short if you have kids or take a lot of kit you don’t need with you every day, then a driveaway is perfect or if you travel light or there is just 1 or 2 of you on the trip, then a windout could be better.

The final solution is to get both as the windout awnings have an awning rail on the front, so you can still attach a driveaway to the side of your campervan and get the best of both worlds.

For driveaway awning we at Jobl Design can highly recommend Outdoor Revolution, all their awnings are very well made, full of little unique handy features and their inflatable awnings come with a lifetime warranty on the seals and valves. If you prefer a windout style awning we recommend the Fiamma F45S as it is an industry standard, comes in a range of colours and has a wide range of accessories to tailor it to your specific needs. Both Outdoor Revolution and Fiamma products are available from us at Jobl Design at very competitive prices.

If you need either or both please get in touch and we can arrange collection/installation at our Ellesmere Port site. For all enquiries please call our service dept on 0151 350 6870.

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