We strongly believe that not only are our campervans of the highest quality, but they are also amongst the best value for money on the market today. Here are some the reasons we feel you should choose a Jobl Design campervan.


All our Kampa SE models manufactured from the start of 2017 onwards have National Caravan Council Certification. This means that the materials, components, construction method and quality systems for the manufacture of this model are of the highest level.


We offer a comprehensive warranty on all our new and pre-owned campervan. We also operate a network of warranty engineers around the UK to assist you were ever possible. This means it is not always a return to base situation if you every did have a fault.


We have spent a lot of time considering how a campervan is used and how the design can effect this. We have extended the worktop space to make cooking and service food easier. We have opened up and extra ½ window in the rear to give more light and the feeling of space. It is these little design details that can make all the difference when camping.


We have specially designed our campers to be as effective at being a car as they are at being a camper. Many campervan owners do use their vehicle as their everyday transport, so we have designed ours with this in mind. Things like, the RIB seat/bed system for the ultimate in everyday comfort and the boot space for shopping.


We only use VW Highline specification vans as the base for all campervans. This means or standard specification is a very high specification. (link to Kampa SE model page)


We order all our base VW vans specifically for the purpose of building campervans, so we order them from VW with factory fit single front captains seats with factory fitted seat swivels. These do not flex, creak or squeak like aftermarket seat swivels!


All our vehicles are ordered with a tailgate (unless you want us to order the barn boors), which is the preferred rear door for a camper. It can provide shelter from both the sun and the rain when accessing the boot area. We also order our vans with heated rear screens and wash/wipe because this is Britain and they are needed!